Soccer betting is a major sports game market, but has never attracted enough interest or attention from North Americans. The growing number of curious sport betting enthusiasts wonder how you should bet on soccer especially as major international events such as the 2018 World Cup and European Championships attract more eyeballs from both the US and Canada. The beginner book and an explanation of the basics of soccer betting will get you placed immediately on soccer fields.

How to Bet on Soccer?

Brad Rempel – USA Today – Sports Kansas City goalie Tim Melia (29) saves against Minnesota United’s Abu Danladi (9). Soccer is one of the biggest bets on the globe and you can place different bets on each game. There are also several competitions which have different rules which makes sure you know the best before placing your bet. If a soccer bet needs legality, you should see DraftKing and BetMGM.

Soccer Odds, Lines and Spreads

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Betting totals

Totals are calculated differently in soccer from others and can be expressed by multiple of.25 goals. Because the scores in sports are relatively low, bookmakers usually set a total of 2.75, 2.25 or 2.75. For the over 2.25 goal, 80% of your wagers will be placed over 2 % and 2% of your bets over 2.5 %. Whenever it finishes 1-1, your odds of winning on Over 2.5 are dropped and your money is refunded on Over 2. If a game ends in 3-0 or more, you can place two bets. One other case would be if one bets for under 2.75 goals. Half your wager is placed under a 1.5 goal and the remaining half is placed under 3 goals.

Soccer betting lines explained

To understand soccer betting lines you must understand football’s basic functioning. Soccer has a relatively small scoring system played for a constant 90 minute duration (two half-minutes). Almost every soccer game is limited to these rules and additional stoppage time calculated for every match by the referee. Only during knockout tournaments or elimination — think World Cup and euro – are there overtimes and penalties (shootouts). Due to this, many betting lines have the game’s scoring system based on 90 minutes’ time of restitution.

How to read soccer odds?

Soccer odds vary, but American odds are most commonly used for reading soccer odds on these sides. Using a 3-way money line you can see favorites at 120 (risk $120 to win $100), underdogs at +360 (30%) and Draws of +240 (30%). We provide a simple odds converter for reading soccer odds.

Where can I bet on soccer?

Soccer is the largest sport on the earth driving massive amounts of bets through the various leagues and tournaments available. There is sometimes a problem in choosing the place for a football bet. Covers provides an unbiased review of the top-rated soccer betting sites.

How do odds work in soccer?

Three way money line provides soccer betting fans two options: either side, draw or. Oddsmakers designate each team’s win chances according to the chance of defeat.

What is a .25 spread in soccer?

26. 75 in spread. When you wager at odds of +1.25 you split that bet between two spreads. You will be able to push +1 for winning +1.5 on a losing team. If your team wins against 0-1, your bet is rewarded.

What do odds of +500 mean?

The odds are the odds of getting $100 for a $500 bet. Minus odds indicate your chance of winning $100.

What does a +1 spread mean in soccer?

The game starts with the team winning the first +1 on their bet.

Soccer betting tips

How do I get a lot of bets on soccer can be a challenging endeavor. There are a couple of simple football betting tips that can help you out.