National Basketball Association ( NBA ), an American professional basketball league. The League has 30 team members in its membership (229 in the USA 1 in Canada. This is a top mens professional basketball league worldwide. The league was founded in New Jersey on June 6, 1946, under the name NBA Basketball Association. The organization was officially incorporated as the NBA on August 3, 1949 after merging with the NBL. The NBA’s regular season takes place between October and April, and each club plays 82 games.


The NBA has 11 teams since 1946 with an extensive roster that includes 30 teams. The USA had 29 teams. Other were from Canada. The League currently consists of 31 players, divided in three groups and two conferences, each having 5 teams. The newest divisional alignments were implemented during the 2004–2005 season. Reflecting the population spread in the USA and Canada in the general area of the country, most players are located in the east of the country: thirteen teams are situated in the Easterntime Zone 9 in Central Time Zone 3 in Mountain Time Zone and 5 in Pacific Time Zone.

Regular season

During the summer break, the team starts training camps in September. Training camps permit coaches to assess a player or rookie and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Teams can assign players under 2 years of NBA experience to NBA G League. After completing training, the camp will hold several exhibitions for the Pre-Season. Some pre-season matches take place outside of the National Basketball Association in other countries, both in the USA and internationally. NBA Regular season starts October 30.


The NBA playoffs will be held in April after the final season and the top eight teams from all divisions compete to win the NBA championship, a championship trophy. Seeds are awarded according to season records, with tiebreakers used if needed. Higher seeds offer many advantages. A higher seed signifies that the teams face weakened players in the first round since they start playing against the eighth seed.


The Lakers and Celtics each won 17 Final NBA titles. The Warriors are tied at a record sixth place in winning the NBA title. The Spurs have five titles all since 1999. Current teams without NBA Final appearances: